Bunny Guntz

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Take on the challenge solo or team up with 2-4 friends in online co-op, repel the threats from the demonic realm with firepower, defend and explore areas, face stronger threats until reaching the destination. As darkness looms closer, you stand as the last line of defense.

About This Game

“Bunny Guntz” is a fast-paced combat game primarily focused on defense and survival. In this adventure filled with tension and threats, players assume the role of a member of the Bunny Warriors team, executing commands from the “Super System,” traversing various dangerous realms worldwide, confronting threats from the demonic realm. Defeat these otherworldly enemies, earn system points, explore areas, and reach target locations to complete missions.

In single-player mode, players face all tasks alone, where any oversight can result in significant consequences. In cooperative mode for 2-4 players, collaboration with others becomes crucial in battling the threats from the demonic realm, emphasizing firepower and teamwork for survival.

Game Features:

Explore the World: Each level map boasts unique features, requiring players to discover weapon purchase locations, hidden rewards, and locate target destinations to create a distinctive gaming experience.

Incremental Difficulty: As the game progresses, enemies become faster and more aggressive, providing players with continuous challenges. Only by adapting and enhancing combat skills can one stand resilient against the terrifying onslaught.

Strategic Economic Planning: Defeating enemies yields points used to buy weapons, replenish ammunition, and unlock new areas. Prudent team point management is crucial for a path to victory.

Free and Rich Updates: The game plans to regularly release free updates, introducing new maps, enemy types, and weapons for players.

Important Notes:

This game contains flashing lights, which may cause discomfort for individuals with photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivity conditions. It is recommended that players exercise discretion in deciding whether it suits their preferences.

Game Bunny Guntz Free Download

Title: Bunny Guntz

Genre: Action, Indie





Release Date: Coming soon

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System Requirements


    • OS: Win7/Win10
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • Storage: 6 GB available space

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