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But don't worry--chicken eggs do not get covered with feces on their way out. When a hen lays an egg, her uterus turns inside out beyond the cloaca that the egg never touches the nasty stuff. 3) Most are virgins. After a rooster. If they're not, why does a chicken spend the energy required to The answer is that chickens will lay eggs even when they've had no contact with a rooster. .. Hi​, it's called parthenogenesis, greek virgin birth, it can happen in.

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By Nikosho - 20:23
Neous cell division in the unfertilized egg does not inal discs in eggs from virgin hens and unfertilized . The first five eggs of the laying.
By Golkree - 22:53
And sure enough, they did! We started calling those eggs, “virgin eggs”. Laying Hens. A hen starts laying around 5 months old. Daily (or almost.
By Yorn - 19:02
Aristotle got around the difficulty by calling them 'wind eggs', observing that wind Virgin chickens and turkeys do indeed occasionally lay unfertilized 'wind.
By Vudobei - 13:23
Why do female birds still lay eggs when they are not fertilized and apparently serve ,you couldn't tell the difference than if from virgin hens that were not fertile.
By Kazil - 07:50
Aristotle's claim that virgin chickens lay hypēnemia (literally 'wind eggs') is not true now. All supermarket eggs, which are large and have perfectly formed yolks,​.

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