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“White Wings” is an animated visual novel developed by pureworks Co., Ltd. of Japan. Famous Japanese singer “Chata” singing theme song, 40 anime CGs.Young men and women, three encounters, each carries sorrowful secrets in the cold winter. Embracing each other and absorbing the earth’s final, small bit of warmth.

About This Game

Japanese E-mote Animation System. More than 40 animation CGs

Chata (茶太) Singing OP Theme Song (Composition: Meis Clauson lyrics: Chata)

Akira Ouse (逢瀬アキラ) Singing ED Song

BGM produce By Japanese Production team

Japanese well-known company “KIZAWA Studio” produces game Promotional Video

Full Patch (Animated CGs)

Fully voiced in Japanese

CG Gallery, Music Gallery

Support bilingual subtitles

This is an agonizing wintertime love song.
At Shoba Senior Middle School in Shizuoka Prefecture, the stress and tension of preparing for Shoba Senior Middle School entrance examinations affects those in their later teenage years.
They might encounter a life of separation from each other. Some of them may meet again, while others may never see other again.
Secrets that are covered by rapidly falling snow are interwoven with a sorrowful rhythm.

Broken families,
Experiences of bullying,
Tears concealed by smiles.

Is the taste of first love sweet or bitter? Who will be redeemed, and who will enter the abyss?
Attracted, estranged, separated, hurt.

Young men and women, three encounters, each carries sorrowful secrets in the cold winter.

Embracing each other and absorbing the earth’s final, small bit of warmth.

During the last winter before Shoba Senior Middle School entrance examinations, Shoba Senior Middle School welcomed a pretty transfer student named Miyazawa Moe.
She was assigned to sit next to Fujiwara Hiro, and had a heavenly appearance as well as an unapproachable air. She looked like an ice-cold snowflake and indifferently floated into Fujiwara Hiro’s heart. It seemed like a romantic beginning.

Miyazawa Moe looked pretty and had outstanding grades, but was very cold and detached. Her classmates did not welcome her, and did not develop close relationships with her. However, her talent and beauty touched Fujiwara Hiro, whose family had already been broken. Furthermore, she also seemed to regard Fujiwara Hiro as someone unique. He couldn’t help but feel moved by Miyazawa Moe, but it was just that when he tried to get close to her, he found that it was really too difficult to get close to this girl.

At the same time, Fukihara Reika, a charming girl with a warmhearted smile, also had a chance encounter with Fujiwara Hiro.

She was outgoing and magnanimous, had a warm personality, and was also a bit bizarre, which gave Fujiwara Hiro a feeling he had never previously experienced. Fujiwara Hiro was obviously attracted to Miyazawa Moe, while Fukihara Reika’s vitality and uninhibited personality as well as her enthusiasm may have caused other people to see her as stubborn and unyielding. However, Fujiwara Hiro thought that Fukihara Reika was just like an angel opening up her wings in front of him. Fukihara Reika’s warmth and radiance sparked enthusiasm and hope within Fujiwara Hiro, who seemed to treat others with kindness, but actually was afraid of interacting with others. Fukihara Reika was too enticing for him. He couldn’t hold himself back, and was fatally attracted to her.

On one side was the unapproachable ice-cold beauty, and on the other was the unfathomable elfin girl.

His heart drifted between these two girls and remained indecisive.

How could he choose between them and make sure that it was the right decision?

Miyazawa Moe
Age: 18 years
Horoscope: Virgo
Birthdate: September 20
Height: 158cm
Bust Size: 78cm
Class: Year 3 Group A
Character Image: White hair, side-swept bangs, hair reaching the shoulders, often in twintails, and with slightly curled ends.
Personality Characteristics: Very determined and didn’t like relying on others, and also didn’t trust anyone else. Had relatively mature thinking, and was very sentimental.
Had good grades, was skilled at drawing, and enjoyed reading. She was Fujiwara Hiro’s classmate after she transferred to the school.

Character Introduction:
People envied her because she was perfect. She had been bullied, so she transferred to Shoba
Senior Middle School. Due to problems she experienced, she was very determined and did not like showing any signs of weakness.
She often scored highly on her humanities exams and excelled in athletics. She performed well in all aspects of her studies, but as she was too perfect, she was not skilled at interacting with others and found it difficult to fit in. She also was consistently misunderstood and excluded.
She was pretty and not very talkative, so people viewed her as being very arrogant. She was bullied at Sanae Girls’ School, so after taking a year off from school, she transferred to Shoba Senior Middle School.

Her parents worked in another city, and were very proud of her due to her academic excellence and perfect appearance. However, they did not pay enough attention to her, and even did not really understand that she had to transfer to a new school due to bullying, as they thought it was simply because she was unhealthy.
She considered seeking help from her parents, but after she realized that they only wanted an outstanding daughter who made them look good, she abandoned this idea. She dealt with loneliness and exclusion by herself, and used an arrogant and determined exterior to protect herself, at least until she met Fujiwara Hiro.

On multiple occasions, she went walking alone, and later on, Fujiwara Hiro and Tenjin Tatsuhiko took care of her. However, it was also because of this that even more girls envied her.
She was very mature, and seemed cold and detached, but was actually very tolerant. She also intelligently knew what her goals were, and worked very hard because her goal was to gain admission to Tokyo University. However, because she took herself and her life too seriously, she seemed very cold and detached.

Fukihara Reika
Age: 18
Horoscope: Taurus
Birthdate: May 8
Height: 160cm
Bust Size: 84cm
Class: Year 2 Group C
Character Image: Black hair, often in a short hairstyle. Liked using makeup, and could transform herself to reflect a variety of styles.
Personality Characteristics: Extroverted, outgoing, not afraid, and very daring. Gave people a very warm feeling, and was very sensible, but hid behind a bizarre personality that was largely unknown to most people.

Character Introduction:
She did not have a breathtakingly beautiful appearance like that of Miyazawa Moe. However, she was self-confident, flamboyant, vivacious, very approachable, and got along well with everyone.
As a child from a reconstituted family, it is reasonable to say that she was a bit introverted. However, Fukihara Reika seemed completely unlike someone who had experienced sadness, and nobody else was even aware of this secret. She was very carefree and liberated, acted boldly, and was slightly bizarre. She had close friendships with a lot of boys, and many people protected her.
Fukihara Reika told Fujiwara Hiro many times to abandon girls who did not understand how to cherish him. However, she later found that the person he liked was her good friend Miyazawa Moe, and she ended up being part of a painful struggle. Finally, her heart chose Fujiwara Hiro.
As Fukihara Reika was well aware of Miyazawa Moe’s excellence and perfection, she did not hesitate to use her body to remain by Fujiwara Hiro’s side. She understood that this method was a bit despicable, but but she didn’t want to give up on Fujiwara Hiro because she was too fond of his kindness. ‘As I met you relatively late, at least let me exist as someone who is the most unique in your life.’
Finally, after discovering that she had an improper relationship with Fujiwara Hiro, she felt more painful and conflicted. At the same time, she gradually revealed her previous pain. She cared deeply about her family’s opinions, and did things such as attending a cram school to make her mother and stepfather feel happy and at ease. However, it was difficult for her to involve herself deeply in her studies. She was impatient with her boring classes, and wanted her freedom.
She was very smart, but regardless of her situation, could not find a way to focus on her studies.
As her family was incomplete, she felt a strong sense of attachment to them.

Ozasa Megumi
Age: 18
Horoscope: Libra
Birthdate: September 26
Height: 165cm
Bust Size: 80cm
Class: Year 3 Group A
Character Image: Burgundy-colored hair, bob hairstyle.
Personality Characteristics: Individualistic, firm, overbearing, and a bit impulsive. Very loyal to Naito Amane and Nakiri Sayori, and was typically not a very good student, but actually was not as bad as she looked.

Character Introduction: Liked to smoke, but the school prohibited smoking, so she could only suck on a lollipop and pretend she was smoking.
She often caused trouble and started fights because her grades were not very good, and the dean of students often scolded her. Ozasa Megumi couldn’t stand ‘good students’ like Miyazawa Moe. After she found out about Miyazawa Moe’s relationship with Fujiwara Hiro, she put forth extra effort to slander and humiliate her.
Ozasa Megumi had a good relationship with Naito Amane because she didn’t like that Miyazawa Moe’s arrival made Naito Amane feel brokenhearted, and Ozasa Megumi targeted Miyazawa Moe.
Ozasa Megumi never revealed if she had feelings for anyone.

Naito Amane
Age: 18
Horoscope: Scorpio
Birthdate: November 2
Height: 162cm
Bust Size: 85cm
Class: Year 3 Group A
Character Image: Brown hair, short curly hair
Personality: Willful, two-faced, uncooperative, envious.

Character Introduction:
Her appearance and grades were not particularly noteworthy, and she seemed willful and talkative. However, on the inside, she was weak and lacked self-confidence. Her family was not rich, and she was afraid of being bullied, so she chose to ally herself with Ozasa Megumi and Nakiri Sayori – precisely speaking, she was allying herself with Ozasa Megumi’s strength and Nakiri Sayori’s popularity.
The first time she saw Fujiwara Hiro, she really liked him. Each day, she unknowingly paid extra attention to him, which caused her previously good grades to decline.

She felt very inferior, and thought that Ozasa Megumi and Nakiri Sayori would also turn their backs on her. As a result, she had to mend her relationship with Nakiri Sayori.

Later on, while visiting someone at the hospital, she found out that Miyazawa Moe and Fujiwara Hiro had a past with which nobody else could intervene. She decided to abandon her desire for Fujiwara Hiro, and gave up her love for him that was not meant to succeed.

Romantic Journey:
Liked Fujiwara Hiro, so she envied and hated Miyazawa Moe. Later on, she found that Fukihara Reika had also had a relationship with Fujiwara Hiro, but she did not dare to bully her. This was because Fukihara Reika had good relationships with all of the boys and had many friends.

Nakiri Sayori
Age: 18
Horoscope: Gemini
Birthdate: June 11
Height: 159cm
Bust Size: 83cm
Class: Year 3 Group A
Character Image: This campus beauty was sweet and cute, and had many supporters.
She was the leader of her group that included Ozasa Megumi and Naito Amane, and was like a princess. She was the class leader before Miyazawa Moe arrived. She ran in an election against Miyazawa Moe, but the teacher preferred Miyazawa Moe because she had better grades. However, Miyazawa Moe had no interest in being the class leader, and chose to decline this position. This humiliated and embarrassed Nakiri Sayori.
Personality: She knew very little about herself because of her overwhelming support. She panicked when someone who was pretty and had good grades arrived at the school. At the same time, because Miyazawa Moe’s arrival made Tenjin Tatsuhiko feel uncomfortable, Nakiri Sayori felt enmity towards Miyazawa Moe. However, she never personally acted against Miyazawa Moe, but had Ozasa Megumi and Naito Amane cause trouble for Miyazawa Moe on her behalf.

Character Introduction:
She had a firm and magnanimous personality, was pretty and had excellent grades. The entire school also chose her as their campus beauty, and people at her school always supported her.

Romantic Journey:
Liked Tenjin Tatsuhiko, but was never brave enough to express her feelings to him.
When Miyazawa Moe arrived, she was vastly different from Nakiri Sayori. This made Nakiri Sayori instantly recognize her self-identity, which was something that she was unwilling to admit. Nakiri Sayori was devoted to being better than Miyazawa Moe, but later had to accept the fact that Miyazawa Moe would always be better than herself.

Fujiwara Hiro
CV: 矢田元基(Yada Motoki)
Age: 18
Horoscope: Capricorn
Birthdate: December 27
Height: 176cm
Class: Year 3 Group A

Character Image: Short black hair, well-proportioned body. Melancholy when not laughing or smiling.
Personality Characteristics: Although his grades had always been relatively low, he was very athletic.

This work’s protagonist and an ordinary student in Year 3 Group A at Shoba Senior Middle
His father used to have hope for Fujiwara Hiro’s future, but he was always unable to fulfill his father’s expectations. When Fujiwara Hiro was in primary school, he earned very good grades in his Culture class. However, after his father had an affair, his parents started an intense argument, which was when the young Fujiwara Hiro witnessed his parents’ relationship breaking apart. He discovered the ugly side of humanity, after which he found it difficult to believe in emotions, and was also no longer dedicated to his studies.
After his parents divorced, he lived with his mother, who influenced him due to her resentment for his father. As a result, he was afraid of and hated becoming someone like his father, and was also afraid of his mother’s hateful glare due to him disappointing her. Therefore, even if girls sent him love letters, he never responded to them and was not skilled at building relationships with other people.
He seemed like an optimistic person, but was not diligent about anything, and actually felt that he was very inferior to others. Due to his hesitation, he could not make decisions, and liked to avoid responsibility.
His only true friend was Tenjin Tatsuhiko.
Fujiwara Hiro was skilled at long-distance running, high jump, swimming, and shot put. At his school’s track meets, he easily broke school records in sprinting events. He liked basketball, but because his mother hated it, he abandoned his opportunity to play on the school’s basketball team. Many girls liked him, and every day, they sent him all kinds of love letters and snacks. He was gentle and a meticulous thinker, and could also closely observe others’ emotional changes as well as non-emotional changes. After observing others, he adjusted his habits. In addition, he tried his best to not cause conflicts with others, as he was afraid that arguing with them would cause him to recoil, and also liked being someone who tried to never offend anyone. Although people liked him, he actually was not good at dealing with girls. Emotionally, he was a very conscientious and meticulous person.

Irie Kenji
CV: 水野健介(Mizuno Kensuke)
Identity: Fujiwara Hiro’s father, Fukihara Reika’s stepfather
Age: 40
Occupation: Film Producer

Character Description:
Several years ago, Irie Kenji wanted to have a romantic life with Fujiwara Kayoko. Therefore, after they had worked together, he married her, and eventually had a child. However, because he was dissatisfied with Fujiwara Kayoko’s obsession with her work, the two of them always got in arguments. Afterwards, he had an affair and they ultimately divorced. One year later, he lived with Fukihara Reika’s mother. Since his marriage had failed, he excluded and felt disappointed in his son Fujiwara Hiro, especially after he found that his son had had an improper relationship with his adopted daughter Fukihara Reika. Irie Kenji thought that this was Fujiwara Kayoko’s way of getting her revenge after the breakup of their marriage.


Planner:Kanda sasara (神田ささら)
Original Painting:Kanda sasara (神田ささら)

OP Theme Song「Pure White」
Composition: Meis Clauson (Angel Note)
Lyrics: Chata (茶太)
Song: Chata (茶太)

ED Theme Song「Guilty Snow」
Composition: Akira Ouse (逢瀬アキラ)
Arrangement: 藤神 Kyo-ya 敬也
Lyric: Akira Ouse (逢瀬アキラ)
Song: Akira Ouse (逢瀬アキラ)

E-mote animation system:M2 Co., Ltd
Director:Kanda sasara (神田ささら)

宮澤萌 (みやざわ もえ) Miyazawa Moe
CV: 天音羽乃(Amane Hano)

吹原玲花 (ふきはら れいか) Fukihara Reika
CV: 篠守ゆきこ(Shinomori Yukiko)

藤原宏 (ふじはら ひろ) Fujihara Hiro
CV: 矢田元基(Yada Motoki)

​小笹惠 (おざさ めぐみ) Ozasa Megumi
CV: 口谷亜夜(Kutitani Aya)

内藤雨音 ​(ないとう あまね) Naito Amane
CV: 華本うさぎ(Hanamoto Usagi)

​奈切沙依 (なきり さより) Nakiri Sayori
CV: 加川らん(Kagawa Ran)

天神辰彦 (てんじん たつひこ) Tenjin Tatsuhiko
CV: しるびな(Shirubina)

入江賢治(いりえ けんじ)Irie Kenji
CV: 水野健介(Mizuno Kensuke)

藤原佳世子(ふじはら かよこ)Fujihara Kayoko
CV: 藤宮ひとこ(Fujimiya Hitoko)

川口(かわぐち) Kawaguti
CV: 水野健介(Mizuno Kensuke)

木下利佳(きのした)Kinosita Rika
CV: 藤宮ひとこ(Fujimiya Hitoko)

CV: 水野健介(Mizuno Kensuke)

CV: 酒味たろう(Syumi Tarou)

男子生徒(Male Student)
CV: 犬屋和俊(Inuya Kazutoshi)

Produce:Kanda sasara (神田ささら)
Publisher:pureworks Japan

Game White Wings ホワイトウィングス Free Download

Title: White Wings ホワイトウィングス

Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie


White Wings

Release Date: 18 Jul, 2020

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    • OS: WIN 10/8/7/XP
    • Processor: i5
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 5 GB available space

    • OS: WIN 10/8
    • Processor: i7
    • Memory: 8 GB RAM
    • DirectX: Version 9.0
    • Storage: 7 GB available space

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